“TIDES, or an inevitable unfolding”

(a sound essay in four chapters by Pedro Oliveira,

developed for web by me)

A sound essay in four chapters, produced with the support of Akademie Schloss Solitude and ZKM Karlsruhe as winner of the HASH Award 2020

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Pedro on this, I was the sole responsible developer to transfer this beautiful installation piece to the web.

Created as a React App, and using the Web Audio API, we were able to meet Pedro’s expectations for realtime audio processing and filtering, while also creating smooth transitions and scroll animations between chapters of this very meaningful dialogue.

You can Experience “Tides” here


(a bitsy game, designed and developed by me)

Play 1998 here

This was my first game as a solo developer. Although quite short, it is a very meaningful autobiographical story, which also has original music by me.

Created for a Bitsy Mixtape Game Jam, this game was also shown in Melbourne Queer Games Festival (2018), featured by game designer Anna Anthropy in one of her game design classes, and also was included on Itch Queer Games Bundle (2021)

Prater Digital

(WebVR Project in Mozilla Hubs)

During the first year of the pandemic, I was hired to do the audio (and then additionally a little bit of level design), by Berlin, Pankow governance to create a digital foyer for the legendary Prater Beer Garden/Art Space in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

For this project I used my very barebones Blender skills, and was lucky to have Mozilla Hubs to at least being able to deploy the project to web, but in general it was a very learning experience, in context of optimizing visual assets and integrating multiple online user supporting spaces on the web.

You can check out an old version of Prater Foyer here