Game Audio

Game Audio Systems Design Showcase

with Unreal Engine 5

(Walkthrough and Playthrough)

Spent better part of this year working on figuring out how to design and implement game audio systems in Unreal Engine 5 without middleware, only using engine’s own audio capabilities. The following showcase video is a culmination of the past 11 months of experience, and I also took the time to design this level by using publicly available assets, and also mapped and programmed interactions via Blueprints, to make sure I can showcase as many audio capabilities as possible during the player’s journey throughout the level.

Procedural Audio with MetaSounds

(Online Course, based on Unreal Engine 5)

I have been interested in Procedural Audio techniques since I first came across Andy Farnell’s work in late 2000s.

Now I am merging my research and practice of Procedural Audio to Unreal Engine 5, thanks to the vast amount of audio capabilities that comes with MetaSounds.

This online course is currently in pre-production/production stage.

Wwise & Unity Integration Tutorials

This tutorial series was created back in 2014-2015, when there was no Wwise certification/online learning programs, and not much resources to speak of other than the official manul.

Over the years, I was lucky to come across many people, from audio directors to beginners in the industry that thanked me for creating this project, as it was their first foray into the world of audio integration, by using a middleware with a game engine.

Part of this online tutorial series is not up-to-date anymore (understandably so), but it is still a good demonstrationof how I approached some basic implementation problems at the time. For other Wwise tutorials I did at the time, you can check out the complete playlist here

WeeTaps Jingles

(game audio jingles for a kids games company)

I was happy to create these series of jingles for variety of mobile games created by WeeTaps.

Everything is played, sang, produced and edited/cut to the trailer by me.

Game Audio Demo Reels

(a collection of my former demo reels)

As most of my recent work is still under NDA, so these are mostly from 2014-2015 and showing my implementation and design skills back in the day.

Lava Fever

(solo game audio dev, FMOD + Unity)

Lava Fever by Happy Volcano was my first ever official credit in the industry, you can hear part of my work and a detailed look into my FMOD + Unity workflow back then in these videos.