Berrak Nil

Audio Artist / Programmer

Hi! My name is Berrak, and I am a multidisciplinary audio artist, a software developer, a classically trained musician and a musicologist.

After a few decades-long career in music, academia, and web development, these days I prefer to build audio systems for video games, and create online learning materials and interactive artworks, by using code, original sound design and music.

What’s new…

Midi Mix Control Plugin for UE5, OUT NOW!

First release by my new artistic and business endeavor, Pure Poetry Studio.

MIDI Mix Control is an Unreal Engine 5 plugin that leverages the Editor Utility Widget system. It allows a user to control their audio modulation mixes with their MIDI controllers while also providing a user-friendly interface that provides real-time feedback. Easily connect, assign and use your MIDI controllers in your Unreal Engine 5 projects.

Product Showcase

You can check out all the details and buy it directly from the Epic Marketplace

Midi Mix Control Plugin for UE5, Beta Demonstration

A video demonstration of an Unreal Engine 5 editor utility widget plugin to control your audio modulation values in real-time via your midi controllers is now available on Youtube. I am currently working on finalizing v1 Beta of this plugin and will be publishing it in several platforms like Epic Market Place and Itch soon.

Plugin Demonstration, using realtime Audio Modulation adjustments in my Showcase Project

Game Audio Systems Design Showcase in Unreal Engine 5

Spent better part of this year working on figuring out how to design and implement game audio systems in Unreal Engine 5 without middleware, only using engine’s own audio capabilities. The following showcase video is a culmination of the past 11 months of experience, and I also took the time to design this level by using publicly available assets, and also mapped and programmed interactions via Blueprints, to make sure I can showcase as many audio capabilities as possible during the player’s journey throughout the level.

The Showcase Walkthrough

And please make sure to watch the showcase playthrough video below (without any explanation) as well

The Showcase Playthrough

“Mapping Symbols: Introduction to Designing Game Audio Systems”

This is a talk I gave at Game Audio Conference Oslo 2023 this September about how to think about designing game audio systems, where to start, how to map and adapt input from other fields that we collaborate with during a development cycle, or in any type of artistic collaboration.

IRCAM Forum Generative Music Prize

Proud to be included as part of the jury in IRCAM Forum’s first ever Generative Music Prize. You can submit to the competition until November 12th 2023, and get more information about the rules and application process here.